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Hells - Latitude 37.8377 / Longitude -0.935608 (2018) 

Latitude 37.8377 / Longitude -0.935608 are the coordinates whereby we can locate the murcian town of Los Infiernos (Hells), in southern Spain. This work portrays certain spaces and situations within the town and its surroundings through a documentary and at the same time surrealist point of view. The almost phantasmagorical atmosphere of some spaces, in addition to the high temperatures suffered by this town and its people during the month of August, make Gómez Selva document life in this space though a vision blinded by the sun, and serves himself from the alienation of the photographed elements and colours to insist on their particular identity.

Runner up, CreaMurcia Photography Prize, Murcia Council, Spain, 2021
Press Article, Código Nuevo, Madrid, Spain, 2020

Review, Noiz Agenda, Bilbao, 2020