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Sativa (2016)

For Sativa, Gómez Selva dedicated 9 months to the anthropological and philosophical study of the notions of intimacy, home, and public and private space, generating a corpus of research that allowed him to expand his understanding of the real and mental limits of such notions, as well as conceive the documentation of them.

To approach the intimate, and the private alike, is to approach the quotidian. In order to deepen the interpersonal relationships of a given group, it is necessary to integrate into their mental space as much as possible, enhancing the symbiosis between documentary work and their own experience and allowing their feedback. This project shows the homes of 3 unknown people, belonging to disparate contexts through exhaustive documentation of spaces, objects and situations in a period of 48 hours. 1. Ángela's family and traditional home comes into conflict with her homosexuality and tattoos. 2. Ventura's apartment may seem like the materialisation of a behavior disorder based on the accumulation of garbage and lack of personal hygiene. That said, the people who live in this house share the same chaotic lifestyle, conditioned by the consumption of narcotics and the cult of the Discordian goddess Eris. 3. Natalia's family home is her mother's house, which she visits only once in a while. Those that were once her most intimate spaces are now a weekend stopover point.

In Sativa we find not only social documentalism, but an attempt to analyse several specific aspects of the home, interpersonal relationships in private spaces, and intimacy as mental space.


Sativa is part of the research project “The Boundary of Intimacy: Studies determined in the personal space of others”. University of Murcia, 2015-2016
Prize for end of degree dissertation project, awarded by the University of Murcia, 2016