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Identity and web deviation
This is a research project on new identities on the Internet and self-knowledge in online environments, starting from the contemporary reality referring to the different dimensions of the concepts of identity, intimacy, and the relationship between the public and the private. The synergies between image and new technologies, and how their effect is reformulated day by day on the very concept of “self” on the Internet. This research constitutes part of the theoretical framework from which Gómez Selva's artistic practice is nourished. However, it should be understood as a means to propose dialogue and reflections, but not as a common thread that explains each project. 

This research project is structured in 3 chapters: 1. "Digital identity according to my father" reinterprets family identity through the "Google Images" search engine to form a collective imaginary through downloaded and decontextualized photographs, generating relations of reality and fiction between its contents and the concept of family album. 2. "Connecting to partner" is a study of an online video chat platform and how its users are affected by the self-awareness of the exposure of their intimacy, their sexuality, the dualism between presence and absence, as well as the singular feeling of incommunication that addresses this type of platform, some of them with less than 1000 active users. 3. The "Streisand Effect" is a term that evolved from the controversy, referring to the unintentional consequence of increasing public awareness of something through seeking to suppress information. From this concept and the relationship between the intentionality of wanting to hide / show certain content and its real scope, this chapter studies the aesthetics, semiotics and iconography of these digital procedures and the visual cues of the morbidity that accompanies them.

"Digital identity according to my father" becomes part of the publication fund of several national and international art centres: 1. Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, CA2M - Museum of contemporary art, centre of culture and contemporary thought (Móstoles, Madrid), 2. Centre of Documentation and Advanced Studies of Contemporary Art, CENDEAC (Region of Murcia) and 3. Tabakalera - International Contemporary Culture Centre (Donosti).

Coche de plástico en un palet
This project has been awarded with a production grant from TABAKALERA - International Contemporary Culture Centre (Donosti) to be carried out by the artists Gómez Selva and Natalia Suárez between September - December 2018. Throughout their careers, both artists have perpetuated a common need to work with what has been found; with what remains. From the image, Gómez Selva has worked the register of everyday  elements as a search for the strange in the common. When the image becomes the only testimony of the experience, the manipulation of this record puts into question the experience itself. On the other hand, Natalia Suárez has developed several projects with the condition of working with what surrounds her, thus positioning herself actively with the work and the specific context of it. What connects these two lines of work is the interest in the appropriation of what is alien, and its transformation and re-signification. This idea of working with what is alien stems from the desire to use what has been discarded by others as raw material for the realisation of this project.

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