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Oro (2016)

“Borges is currently throwing stones at my window, trying to make me fall in love with his unpublished facets about conspiracy enigmas, or misinterpreting strange projects in Ireland in collaboration with weak homeland emancipators (I don’t know which). On the 2nd of August of a certain irrelevant year, Sánchez Dragó y Eduardo Mendoza fought outside my school. Nobody knows exactly why they did it. What is true, is that, despite the hard punches, neither bled. Quite on the contrary, their skin appeared to rejuvenate with every slap that rang out in the midday silence. When they ended up exhausted, Mendoza took a maze shaped box of olives from his backpack, while Dragó walked away with one hand on his chest; on his heart.”

Based on a series of texts belonging to personal essays, and after a process of research and internalisation of the Basque political and social context, Gómez Selva proposes a series of visual exercises on violence, identity, and the notion of homeland. The transformation of the body through vernacular imagery , as well as the different installation pieces, make up a process of self-recognition and analysis of one's own identity and that of others.